11.08 21.00 the stage / Targ Węglowy (Coal Market)

An infectious dose of good emotions, passion, swinging rhythms and energy—this is how the Vavamuffin crowd plays. This is a legendary band, masters of reggae, ragamuffin and light talk. They have recently released V. Żywioł (5th Element), an excellent album full of enthusiasm, rhythm, beautiful tunes and hot sun straight from Jamaica! Their concerts will have you hooked. Concerts are Vavamuffin’s strongest suit. They have played hundreds of them and have nine records to their name, each of which will take you to the hot world of Jamaica. One thing is for certain: you will have your batteries fully charged!
The band: Gorg – in charge of low microphone sounds, Reggaenerator – in charge of beautiful microphone sounds, Pablopavo – handles daring microphone sounds, Rafi Kazan – guitars, Patison – keyboard, Emilli Jones – low frequencies, pulse foundations, U-Ras – knocking sounds, rhythm games, Dubbist – scratch sounds, noises (scratch, sampler), Barton – the sound guy, so that things are heard nicely.

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