for the happy-go-lucky

AmberSky OBSERVATION WHEEL / see Gdańsk from a different angle! / Wyspa Spichrzów (Granary Island)

GDAŃSK CAROUSEL / for a blissful time! / Targ Rybny (Fish Market)

LEGENDARY GDAŃSK / Can you see the sparrowhawk? / Kobzdeja Square
An extraordinary carousel with figures and motifs from the legends of Gdansk, including:
• Johannes Hevelius’ Parrot
• The sparrow hawk and the frogs
• The Flounder
• The Elves of the Pagan Hill
• Neptune
• The Phantom of Zaspa
• The Devil of the Carmelitan’s Church
• The Orunia Mermaid
• The Grinder
• The Cuckoo Clock.


for those in love

Feel your heart jump :*
Zaułek Zachariasza Zappio (Zachariasz Zappio Corner)
Does any count our kisses?
Does anyone care?
People have worries and errands to run,
God creates worlds.
Forgotten by us both
a bunch of pink kisses
fall to the bottom of our souls
like soft, beautiful rose petals…
Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska, “Forgotten Kisses” [unofficial translation]
Many find the charming Zachariasz Zappio Corner to be a perfect kissing spot.
During the Fair, it officially becomes one!

THE LOVER’S GATE / How deep is your love? / Piwna Street
The Lover’s Gate owes its name to a drawing by Paul Kreisel depicting two lovers at Piwna Street. Many years ago, there was a beautiful little house with a balcony next to the gate. The picture portrays a girl at the balcony looking down at a young man playing love songs on his guitar for her.

THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE / Find your soul mate! / Kobzdeja Square (Plac Kobzdeja)
“Friendship is like a sheltering tree” Samuel Taylor Coleridge Gdansk is a melting pot of languages, traditions and customs. It’s a place where many friendships were made, including Bim & Bom, Rudy & the Cat, Gold & the Gate and Neptune & the Fountain.
Authors of the installation: Anna Molga and Grzegorz Gajewski.

THE LANE OF KISSES / here the heart beats faster! / Zaułek Zachariasza Zappio (Zacharias Zappio Lane)


for those who like math

GDANSK’S FIFTEENTH GATE / Let it count you up! / Długi Targ Street
Gdansk is a city of gates. The tradition of setting up Gdansk’s Fifteenth Gate during St. Dominic’s Fair was established in 2010 to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the Fair. It is equipped with a special mechanism that counts the people crossing the gate and displays the current result. A fanfare is played when every thousandth person has crossed the gate.

STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT / see the master armourers in action! / stall in Targ Węglowy (Coal Market) / 5-19 Aug / 10:00-21:00


to soothe the senses

BALTIC RING & AMBER RING – Multimedia Benches / Listen to the sound of the sea! / Długi Targ Street
The two unusual benches in the Długi Targ Street which is usually crowded with
hundreds of visitors and tourists are both a surprise and an asylum where you will be able to relax and choose whether you prefer to listen to the buzz of the Fair orto contemplate and forget about the city for a while to the calming sound of the sea.
The two ring-shaped benches, the Baltic Ring and the Amber Ring, can also be seen a miniature of Gdansk, which has been known for centuries for its connection with the sea and amber craft. Thanks to the unique combination of shape, decor, and colours, the benches are a clear reference to the legacy of the city.

GDAŃSK HERBARIUM / relax among herbs! / Plac Kobzdeja (Kobzdej Sq.)


for bookworms!

BOOKCROSSING | BALTIC RING & AMBER RING BENCHES / Leave a book and take one somebody else has released! / Długi Targ Street
Bookcrossing is simply a mobile library. You can pick up a book, read it and then release it by leaving it where you got it from or at a different book exchange point.
That way, books are released from home libraries and are constantly “on the move” being passed from one reader to another. During the Fair, the Baltic Ring and the Amber Ring benches will also work as bookcrossing points.


for players and searchers

URBAN GAME: THE FELLOWSHIP OF FOUR / form a team and get going! / 11:00-18:00 St Dominic’s Fair Info Points


for ornithologists

ROOSTER STATUE / Touch it for luck! / Targ Węglowy (Coal Market)
The  Rooster Statue, the symbol of St. Dominic’s Fair, was made in 2010 by artisan blacksmiths from across Poland to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the Fair.

COCK-A-DOODLE-DO / Plac Kobzdeja (Kobzdej Sq.)
The wandering barrel organ During the Fair, a mobile barrel organ will be played by organ-grinders on the streets of Gdansk, appearing unexpectedly in various locations.

KUKURYNKA / it appears out of the blue!

THE ROOSTERS  / Take a look around, the Fair’s mascot is everywhere!
Performers dressed as roosters will be posing for photographs.


for the punctual ones

THE TRUMPET CALL, 12.12 PM / Don’t miss the Town Hall trumpeter! / Platform at the entrance to the Main Town Hall, Długa Street
Every day, exactly at 12.12 PM, a trumpeter dressed in a historical costume will play the trumpet call to the visitors of St. Dominic’s Fair at the platform to the Main Town Hall.


for the nostalgic ones

THE GREAT GUEST BOOK / Don’t forget to leave a comment! / 11.00 AM – 6.00 PM St. Dominic’s / Fair Information Points

COMMEMORATIVE CERTIFICATE / Keep your memories alive! / 11.00 AM – 6.00 PM St. Dominic’s Fair Information Points
Each certificate will be individually issued bearing the name of its holder and a special stamp to confirm that by attending Europe’s oldest fair its owner has helped to maintain the 756-years-old tradition.  The certificates will be issued at the information points.

PHOTO SPOTS / Grab a camera and shoot! / Długi Targ Street, Piwna Street, Kobzdeja Square, Targ Węglowy (Coal Market)

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