Form a team and set o for a trip!

Several years following the expulsion of the Teutonic Knights Order from Gdańsk, the authority over the Fair was in the hands of the bad and vindictive Ugier. His biggest secret wish was to not only control the Fair but also to gain power over the entire city How could a mere mortal acquire so much power? e soul of the Bazyliszek! Whoever can get in possession of it – or so it was believed then- this person will have unlimited power over people. Bazyliszek hatched out of a rooster’s egg once in a 100 years. Ugier was lucky, however, as it’s been said that the monster was going to hatch during the annual Fair of St Dominic. But although the disaster loomed very near, Ugier’s plan came to nothing as the bazyliszek was defeated with the most e ective of weapons known – the crowing of the rooster. And thus Gdańsk and St Dominic’s Fair were saved!

The Gdańsk merchants now wiser and more cautious as a result of this experience, as a precaution against the birth of yet another bazyliszek, decided to set up a permanent guard over the Fair – four exceptional Gdańsk roosters which never went to sleep. Moreover “A Team of Four” had been called up, which day and night stands guard over the city. Anyone who proves to be courageous, wise and clever enough may join the ranks of the team.

How? By taking part in the urban game “ e Team of Four”! e route runs between the 4 Fair Info Points (see map), Each team (2-5 people) may only have one Game Card. You may choose your own route. Solve the tasks and collect the key-words, which will give you the nal solution! On completion of the game, each team will receive a prize. Good luck 🙂

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