09.08 20:00 the stage / Plac Kobzdeja (Kobzdej Square)

What we look for in music is beauty, true stories, fairy tales and unique narratives, which always need to come straight from the heart. This is what this concert will be like: here you will find everything that takes place in our lives and in our souls. The programme includes film music, musical pieces, songs and jazz. The performers are talented students and this year’s graduates of the Gdańsk Academy of Music.
•Amal Amani – vocals
•Iga Apollo – saxophone, vocals
•Wojciech Schmach – vocals
•Wiktor Gabor – vocals
•Jakub Grzywacz – percussion instruments
•Aleksandra Bieg-Piaseczna – piano, teacher at the Gdańsk Academy of Music
•Barbara Żurowska-Sutt – programme, host


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