St. Dominic’s Fair History

Gdańsk is a city with a long fair tradition, dating back to the Middle Ages. The city’s convenient location on the sea at the mouth of the Vistula River, along which grain, wood and other goods were transported, Poland’s mediation in trade with the overseas, the city’s own fleet, the wealth and entrepreneurial drive of merchants, as well as the remarkable skills of local artisans, ensured Gdańsk the position of the largest and richest city in Poland. Saint Dominic’s Fair was the commercial celebration of the city during its heyday. Now, it has become such a celebration again.

The Fair was established by Pope Alexander 4th in his bulla of 1260 and has been organised at the beginning of August on the patron Saint’s feast day ever since. The Gdańsk International Fair Company has been the organiser of the St. Dominic’s Fair since 1996.

The Company finds its roots in Gdańsk trade and the Dominic’s Fair tradition. By organising this event – the largest mass even in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, Gdańsk International Fair Co. want to recall the time of the Gdańsk flourishing and indicate historic origins of the contemporary Fair. However, the Company’s primary objective is to ensure good entertainment to the citizens and visitors in Gdańsk at the peak of tourist season thanks to the combination of a fair trade with a rich and diversified cultural and sports programmes.

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