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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the website of registration of exhibitors of St. Dominic’s Fair 2020.

Customers interested in renting a place/stand at the Fair are asked to do one of two things:
– if you are our regular customer – log in to your existing account         
– If you want to try your hand at the Fair for the first time, register (applies both to companies and individuals – artists and collectors).

All operations related to the reservation of a stand, confirmation of participation, ordering equipment, issuing invoices will be carried out exclusively through the registration system.

The acceptance of applications for St. Dominic’s Fair 2020 will be completed when all stands will be sold.

Priority for stand reservations
is given to participants of last year’s St. Dominic’s Fair. The final decision about qualifying a participant to a specific group of customers is made by the organizer on the basis of the documents provided.

Applications from NEW CUSTOMERS will be considered secondly.  The acceptance of the application and allocation of space is determined by the type of assortment, originality of the offer and availability of space and infrastructure.
The order of applications does not matter!

The organizer will allocate a place with the area and location consistent with the thematic scope of a given street and, if possible, consistent with the wishes of the client. The contract is concluded after the customer accepts the proposed location.

ATTENTION! MTG SA reserves the right not to accept an offer of participation in the Fair without stating any reasons therefor and will assign commercial space taking into account the Applicant’s specifications, as far as possible and subject to the logistics and technical conditions (as stated in regulations for the participants of St. Dominic’s Fair 2020, 2.1.5 and 2.1.6)


Trade Zone: Craftsmen and Artists, Collectors, Food (i.e. without on-site consumption) payment for the stand is made in two instalments:
1) 50% of the operating fee within 7 days from the date of receipt of the CONFIRMATION OF APPLICATION,
2) the remainder until 10th July 2020.

Food court – stands offering products for consumption on site – drinks, food, snacks.
– Targ Węglowy (planned location, not confirmed)
– Targ Rybny
– Park Świętopełka,
– Ołowianka
– wooden house 6m2 (3m x 2m), 8m2 (4m x 2m),
– additional services according to the needs determined individually with the customer (electricity/water)
– fee for the house (stand installation and dismantling) – payment of 100% within 7 days from the receipt of the CONFIRMATION OF APPLICATION
– 10% (ten per cent) of the net revenue obtained by the Distributor from the sales of the Products at the Fair and Event, plus the Value Added Tax due as per the applicable rates, (to be annotated on the Application Form after the Fair)


Collectors – on the section between Szopy Street and Łąkowa Street there will be unified stands – organizer’s tents 6m2 (3m x 2m) and 4m2 (2m x 2m).

Długie and Rybackie Pobrzeże – total resignation from tent stands, instead we offer stalls (2m x 1m) – reservation the approximate location for last year’s customers (on another infrastructure) is still valid.

Ołowianka – starts alongside St. Dominic’s Fair (25.07.2020), more food court stands.

DEPOSIT – new stands are secured wwith deposit – stall (200 PLN); change also in the deposit for GASTRONOMIA – (details in the price list)

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